Easeology is a practice found by Nikola Ease. It’s a whole subject to study and to guide you to find the pure essence of being.

It teaches the way of one’s life, and the practitioners are being called Easeologists.

Easeology teaches you how to live at absolute ease, how to find your true essence, and learn how to live it now and always.

Do you find your life now way too overwhelmed by trying to be who you think you should be?

As an Easeologist, you have the ability to slow down, listen to the intuition, and the guidance.

You know you are loved and taken care of.

Easeologist is a person who:

  • naturally understands the power of living in alignment. 
  • cooperates with intuition 
  • is grateful for who is she
  • know that less is more
  • lives her purpose 
  • is committed to making the world a peaceful place
  • appreciates the presence and her present life 
  • believes that love is available for everyone and everything
  • knows that mind has an extraordinary power which can be used for good
  • has decided to live illusion free 
  • knows that living at EASE is the way to achieve miracles in life

I am happy to help you to find your own unique way to enjoy being yourself.

I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Nikola Ease